Frequently Asked Questions

"Cosmopolitanism of Islam Nusantara:
Spiritual Traces and Intellectual Networks on The Spice Route”

  • A : Send your Abstract as per the guideline on email: kosmopolitanisme.fin@unusia.ac.id

  • A : Abstract submission will be closed on Sunday, July 25 , 2021. You can submit your abstract by clicking here.

  • A : No, it is free of charge.

  • A : Your abstract may contain no more than 500 words, not including spaces. The submission will not be considered if the abstract exceeds the maximum character limit.

  • A : Your abstract should contain; focus of study, problem, method, arguments, and findings.

  • A : The Committee will send an e-mail notification to the presenting author on Saturday, July 31, 2021. Only the person listed as the presenting author will receive this notification.

  • A : The Symposium will take place at Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta and will be conducted through virtual platform as well.

  • A : Registration open on August 1st 2021, and participants may register online in https://forms.gle/63KgHBEGik3UC3J86

  • A : All session will be in the virtual platform, please check to our website; www.symposium.unusia.ac.id for list of sessions.

  • A : Yes, you will get a certificate.

  • A : The quality of your article takes a vital role to be published in Scopus Journal. There will be a rigorous scientific review process to decide the journal recommendation that suits your article/ paper.

  • A : The papers will be published in the form of proceedings or books through a rigorous review process and will be indexed in google scholar and academia.edu.

  • A : Yes, you can attend the symposium by registering through our website, and you may choose any parallel that suits to your interests.

  • A : Please direct your questions or concerns to this email: kosmopolitanisme.fin@unusia.ac.id. We would love to serve you.